Jack Vainer is a Fine Art Photographer based in North Vancouver, Canada. Born and raised in Mexico City, from an early age he has been influenced by some of Mexico’s most revered painters and muralists, such as Orozco, Rivera, Tamayo, Siqueiros, Kahlo. To this day, Jack considers them to be one of his biggest sources of inspiration.
His first encounter with a camera came as a young teenager, in the form of a Kodak Instamatic. After saving enough money from his weekly allowance, he bought himself his first 35mm camera, a Canon AE1 with a 50mm 1.8 lens, through which he produced some of his earliest, more representational work.
Jack’s journey into fine art photography progressed as a marketing executive and subsequently a commercial printer in Mexico City, both of which allowed him to experiment with abstracts and motion.
Since moving to Canada in 1996, his photography has evolved into an impactful representation of his vision as an artist and can be defined as visionary and conceptual. His images strive to be aesthetically pleasing while inspiring emotion and imagination. With his work, he aims to transport his audience away from reality, yet continuously always anchored in representational elements that are familiar yet new and strange. Through his photographs, he looks to evoke a long-lasting sense of simplicity, peace, and serenity.
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